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Retirement Community Must-Haves

Retirement Community Must-Haves

Retirement Community Must-Haves

You’re looking for a Retirement Community. How do you even start? The choices can be overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion to offer. But you get to make the decision. Don’t do it without knowing your Must-Haves. When choosing retirement living, be aware of your non-negotiables, and you’ll choose a community where you can’t lose.

Desirable Location
A community’s location matters. As you consider your retirement goals and needs, the location should meet the highest expectations for both you and your visitors.

Making a move for retirement? Choose a location that provides new opportunities for learning, community involvement, and outdoor enjoyment. You want to be somewhere vibrant, with resources and events, but in a beautiful setting that gives you peace of mind and outdoor options.

When you envision your retirement, the community should be in a destination that excites you and your loved ones. Blakeford celebrates its Nashville location because of the mild weather, music and arts culture, and top medical care. Nashville’s major universities also offer an abundance of learning experiences.

Blakeford is located on a serene 10 acres, surrounding Lake Burton, but the downtown of one of America’s favorite cities, and its friendly, welcoming atmosphere is minutes away.

Creative Dining Options are a Retirement Community Must-Have
Food’s a favorite for everyone and we need it every single day! Explore your dining options carefully when choosing a Retirement Community. Look for variety – in both menu and venue.

Do you prefer a bistro atmosphere or coffee lounge? Look for small cafe options. Will you be cooking for yourself whenever possible? Be sure there is access and transportation to grocery shopping. Do you enjoy dining in the comfort of your home, but don’t always want to cook? Ask about pick-up and to-go options from the dining facilities.

Time around the table nurtures bodies and spirits. The right Retirement Community strives for both nutrition and connection when designing its dining programs. Creative dining builds wellness and relationships. Blakeford’s new expansion features a bistro/grill, coffee shop, fine dining, a Grab-and-Go Market, and a Rooftop Bar. Because your days look different, and so should your meals.

Wellness Center and Amenities
Your Retirement Community should provide the best resources for your Wellness Goals, at your fingertips. At Blakeford, wellness means caring for the whole self. Facilities include fitness and recreation centers as well as access to creative spaces and studios. And since every Wellness Plan should include soaking up Vitamin D, the paths and trails are safe and inviting.

Additionally, Blakeford provides guidance to residents as they create plans for self-care and goals for their full health. Blakeford offers a full schedule of classes and open access to coaching and wisdom from experts. The new facility will also include an indoor pool, spa, salon, art studio, and woodworking shop.

Space shapes values and values shape space. Blakeford’s spaces reveal a commitment to resident wellness on a new, luxurious level.

Continuum of Care
Making plans for retirement involves planning for a future you can’t yet see. While you choose a Retirement Community based on your present values, you’re also deciding what level of care you would like, should your needs change. An excellent Retirement Community provides a continuum of care, one in which you feel at home with each level of support.

Explore what the community offers for different stages of independence. As you build relationships, and grow comfortable, you want to stay within that community, especially during health transitions. The best Retirement Communities offer the full-range of health support, allowing you to stay “at home” no matter the changes.

Blakeford offers independent livingassisted livingfull-nursing supporthome care and rehab services. Even more, the LiveWell program now offers the best of Blakeford’s values and care to those Retirees choosing to remain in their own homes.

Great Expectations for Your Retirement Community
Hold on to those high expectations when planning your next season. Know what you need and what you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle for anything less. Your Retirement Community Must-Haves do exist all in one place. At Blakeford, you will form deep friendships while living in a state-of-the-art facility providing connection, growth, and trusted care. Here, your retirement values come to life in one beautiful setting. For you, the best is yet to come.