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The Blakeford at Green Hills Difference: Waiting for the Right Place

The Blakeford at Green Hills Difference: Waiting for the Right Place

There are so many options when it comes to Community Living. After researching your options and making the decision, you discover the community you have chosen has a waiting list. You ask yourself, “Should I get on the waiting list and wait?” What would be the advantage of doing this rather than selecting another community that may not have a waiting list?

The Continuum of Care

Here at Blakeford at Green Hills, there are several advantages to waiting. The one most often expressed is the continuum of care model. Blakeford at Green Hills consists of independent living, assisted living and a health center for short term rehab or long term nursing care. Our residents want the peace of mind of knowing that should life change they have chosen a community that will provide different levels of support. This support system removes the burden of making tough decisions from their family.

The Financial Protection

Another deciding factor residents have chosen to wait for Blakeford is the financial protection for future healthcare costs. If medically qualified, residents will benefit from our life care program which provides a substantial discount for long term care in our assisted living or health center for as long as it is needed.

The Neighborhood

Beyond the levels of care and financial advantages is the community itself. Blakeford at Green Hills has been a staple of the area for more than 20 years. Located in the heart of one of the most vibrant areas of Nashville, residents enjoy the best of shopping,dining, entertainment, and medical providers. And, as the only CARF-CCAC accredited community in Nashville, residents expect, and receive, innovative and exemplary service from our team.

The Waiting List Alternative

However, what if you are ready to move now? There may still be an opportunity to do just that if you are willing to make a temporary move into a different floor plan while waiting for the one that is just right.

I know what you are thinking….”I am NOT going to move twice…one move is hard enough!” This scenario has occurred many times here at Blakeford at Green Hills, and our residents who have chosen to do this will tell you it is not as difficult as you might think. Our team is here to help navigate and relieve stress.  There is a definite advantage in that you have secured your acceptance into the community. And, should your health unexpectedly change, you have already settled into your new home and can take full advantage of the supportive services when needed.

The most important thing, however, is that you implement a plan sooner rather than later. When life changes occur, your options will diminish along with your ability to make your own decisions. Stay in control and plan for your future…it is indeed the best gift you can give yourself and your family!