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A Personal Advocate to Support Aging in Place

Each LiveWell member is assigned a Personal Care Coordinator who knows, cares and is always ready to help with everything from home safety, transportation, and housekeeping support to managing medications and medical appointments.

Coordinators take a personal interest in the families they serve and, in many cases, come to know family members as well as the friends, neighbors, and medical practitioners of their clients. They are accessible, knowledgeable, and they are passionate advocates for the well being of LiveWell members, providing support, advice, and companionship.

For members, it’s a resource. And for their families, it’s a relief to know there’s always someone close, caring, and capable looking out for their near and dear.

Personal Care Coordinator Services
•          Welcome Visit
•          Annual Individualized Wellness & Prevention Plan
•          Attendance and Advocacy at Medical Appointments
•          Pharmacy Review
•          Knowledgeable, Caring Advice and Advocacy On-Call
•          24/7 Availability
•          Care Plan is Adapted if and when Your Health Changes
•          Referral to Vetted Providers for to Support Living at Home

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