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Be Prepared and Positioned with LiveWell By Blakeford

Much like everything else, the cost of healthcare is on the rise. Do you know if you’ll be able to afford the bills that may come if your health were to decline and you needed assistance? How would you remain at home and age in place, and how could you afford the help you may need?

Rather than hoping for the best, why not prepare for the unexpected?

With the LiveWell By Blakeford program, you can have the confidence of a plan in place that you, along with your Personal Care Coordinator, have crafted specific to your goals and expectations. If anything were to happen, your Care Coordinator will put your plan into action so you and your family can get the best care possible without having to worry about all of the complicated details.

With LiveWell By Blakeford, you’re not only prepared for the future, you’re perfectly positioned to enjoy it.

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