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LiveWell by Blakeford: #1 Alternative to Long-Term Care Insurance

LiveWell by Blakeford Fills in the Gaps

Are you interested in a plan for your future, but want something more personal and comprehensive than long-term care insurance can offer?

LiveWell is a complete alternative to long-term care insurance (LTCi) — covering all the same services and many others that traditional insurance plans do not.

And if you already have an LTCi policy, LiveWell offers you plan options that will dovetail with and fortify your existing coverage.

If you are healthy and independent, you can consider LiveWell in your 60s, 70s, and beyond. All plans provide a local nurse who is your personal care coordinator and advocate.

LiveWell Fills in the Gaps Many LTCi Policies Don’t Cover

  • Wellness and Prevention Services
  • A Local Nurse Care Coordinator and Advocate
  • Short-Term Care During Illness or After Surgery or Rehabilitation
  • Care Begins Immediately with No Pre-Approvals or Claim Forms
  • Covers You During your Elimination Period
  • Covers You Above Your LTCi Policy Daily Rate
  • Covers You After Your Lifetime Maximum is Met
  • Blakeford is Your Guaranteed Provider of Care

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