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LiveWell is a comprehensive program of wellness and care services for healthy and independent older adults who need a long-term care plan in place to protect themselves as they age at home. LiveWell, part of a network of Continuing Care at Home (CCaH) programs throughout the United States, was started by Blakeford in 2014 to address the large and growing market of older adults who want to age at home, but still have a plan for their future. Our members join because they are seeking a way to plan ahead for the cost of long-term care, live at home, and still be connected to an organization that will provide care when they need it.

Like long-term care insurance (LTCi), the right time to consider LiveWell is now before care is needed. LiveWell can be an option for people in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s, as long as they are still healthy and independent. LiveWell can fill in gaps that exist with an existing LTCi policy or stand on its own as a comprehensive plan for long-term care, at home.

Why is LiveWell a Good Choice for Your Clients?

  • LiveWell is very personal and centered around a Personal Care Coordinator (typically, a nurse) who gets to know our members and is a staunch advocate for each member. Our Care Coordinator might accompany a member to a doctor or advocate post-surgery with the hospital for care when the member returns home. Having a Care Coordinator also relieves the member from having to rely on family and friends when their health changes, something that is very meaningful to most of the seniors that we talk to.
  • LiveWell has no waiting period, and one phone call to the Care Coordinator is all that is required to seek help. Once initiated, services include transportation, housekeeping support, medical advocacy, and personal care services like bathing, dressing, feeding, transferring, and toileting.
  • LiveWell is a guaranteed, lifetime plan that is backed by Blakeford, a known, local, nonprofit provider of senior services.
  • LiveWell has several plans that cover both at-home AND facility care, should it ever be needed.
  • Like LTCi, LiveWell can help preserve financial assets. The fees for LiveWell include a one-time enrollment fee and an ongoing monthly fee. Because the daily coverage is tied to the cost of a semi-private room in Woodcrest, LiveWell has inflation built into it.

Who Might Be Interested in LiveWell?

If you have healthy, independent, 60+ clients that are looking for: 1) options to mitigate the extraordinary costs of long-term care; 2) a very personal, local program; and 3) the chance to team up with one of the Nashville area’s premier senior care organizations, then LiveWell By Blakeford might be for them. In our experience, when our members bring information about LiveWell to their financial advisors, those advisors see LiveWell as a strong value and an excellent planning tool for future long-term care. However, LiveWell is still so unique that most financial planners are not familiar with it and how it might fit into a long-term care plan that they are offering to their clients. So, we invite you to call us for more information or attend one of our educational seminars.

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