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Personal Care for Seniors at Home in Nashville, TN

Our skilled caregiving team offers the best personal care for seniors at home in the Nashville, TN area. With over a decade of experience, we have curated our specialized at home plans to fit the personal care needs of any senior. Some of our quality personal care options for seniors include help with bathing, dressing, continence care, and medication reminders among others.

Each personal care plan is customized to fit your senior’s needs. Keeping a consistent routine can help maintain function and reduce stress for seniors. This is why we strive to help seniors with their personal care needs.

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Personal at Home Care Services

Our personal at home care caregiving services allow seniors to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. Our genuine personal care services include:

Bathing Assistance

Regular bathing assistance helps seniors maintain healthy skin and hygiene. This service not only helps seniors remain safe while bathing, but helps them feel comfortable and secure in their regular personal care routine.

Dressing Assistance

Seniors have different needs and deserve a plan that meets their needs while still allowing them independence. Our caregivers can assist with some basic dressing assistance or complete assistance. We cater to the specific needs of any senior with our experienced and loving care.

Toileting Assistance and Continence Care

Our toileting assistance helps with getting to and from the restroom regular and maintaining good continence care. Our caring staff helps to get this process done efficiently and professionally.

Transferring Service

Moving around the home can become more difficult as we age. Our transferring service helps seniors shift from one seat in their home to another.

Medication Reminders

Everyone forgets things sometimes, this may be something you have noticed more frequently with a loved one. In many circumstances this is not a huge issue, but it becomes serious when talking about medications. Our experienced staff will remind and check that medication is taken at the appropriate time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To view all questions related to At Home Care, please visit our At Home FAQ:

How Much Does Personal Care Cost?

Cost depends on the level of need. If a client is determined to have a very advanced level of need, there may be a higher cost. Or if there are 2 clients who require a high level of care there may be a higher cost. View our Current Cost Guide

What is In-Home Personal Care and What Services Does it Typically Include?

Personal care is assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, feeding and incontinence care.

What Is The Difference Between Personal Care and Companion Care?

Companion care is spending time with a client – engaging in recreational activities at home, walking outdoors, outings, general supervision.

Getting Started With Our Customized Personal Care Plan

Every senior is different and has unique home care needs. Blakeford At Home has customized senior caregiving plans offering Personal Care, Companion Care, and Specialty Care. Contact us today to secure a specialized personal care for seniors at home in Nashville, TN.

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