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Your Blakeford At Home journey begins with a complimentary consultation. Our expert in-home care team will follow specific steps for care planning before you get started. These include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of you or your loved one’s personal needs.
  • A care plan outlining the specific tasks needed, frequency of service, and details.
  • A selection process to find the right care team based on the skills needed to provide the service.

Blakeford At Home is a custom fee-for-service program that offers care to you and your family at home. Blakeford At Home’s caregivers are trained to assist with personal care, light housekeeping, light meal preparation, medication reminders, and errands, and transportation to appointments for individuals living in the Nashville, TN area. You can find more specifics on Blakeford At Home’s services page.

In some cases it can begin same day or within a few days. The start of care depends on the need and the availability within the schedule.

NO, medical insurance only covers home health care including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and some nursing.

Home health is a completely different type of care that is considered medical.  Our home care agency is licensed as a personal support services agency which is only allowed to provide non-medical services and does not accept Medicare/health insurance.

At home care costs approximately $30-$40/ hour depending on the level of care needed, the number of people being served in a home, and the length of the visit.

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Yes, Blakeford At Home caregivers are employees of Blakeford. They are not independent contractors. They must pass rigorous employment screenings, are supervised, and trained by our nurse, and are covered by Blakeford insurance.

As part of the hiring process, Blakeford ensures each applicant:

  • Passes rigorous employment screenings
  • Meets all state and federal qualifications for employment by Blakeford
  • Demonstrates competencies in a core set of skills
  • Participates in an extensive orientation
  • Engages in regular hands-on in-services
  • Demonstrates a passion for working with older adults

Caregivers must participate in an extensive orientation at hire that includes a review of a specific checklist of competences to provide personal care and mobility assistance to an older adult.  Every year, the nurse supervisor reviews these competences with each caregiver.  In addition, training is provided throughout the year to the entire team on core topics such as infection control and topics of relevance at the time.

Blakeford At Home is licensed by the state of Tennessee as a Personal Support Services agency. Blakeford At Home can provide assistance with non-medical duties that include activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing. If you require home health services, these are considered “medical” and are outside of the scope of Blakeford At Home services. We are happy to help recommend a home health agency that can assist you with these duties at home.

Blakeford’s At Home Nurse provides training around dementia and is working on a program to train caregivers around pre-op and post-op care as well as CPR.

Unfortunately Blakeford at Home is not able to provide care to those with developmental disabilities.

Blakeford At Home provides visits from 1-3 days a week up through 24-hour care. Your schedule is based on what assistance is required. There is a 4-hour minimum to begin care.

It is the goal to provide each family with a consistent schedule and team of caregivers. If you have 1-2 visits per week, you may have 1-2 caregivers. If you require 24-hour care, your team may include up to 5 caregivers to ensure you get the care you need. Ultimately the duration and frequency of your visits will determine the number of caregivers on your team.

We first work on ensuring that the caregiver is competent to provide the need.  This is the most important aspect of fit.  Then we work to address fit in terms of personality, etc.  Does the client need stimulation and engagement?  Or does the client require a more reassuring approach.

Blakeford At Home can provide caregiving services to families that live within a 10-mile radius of our campus in Green Hills (11 Burton Hills, Nashville, TN 37215).

If a client is not satisfied with a caregivers they may request a replacement and one will be made as promptly as possible.

Our virtual front desk is available 24/7 to receive calls from clients and families and caregivers and can handle urgent needs.

Based on the assessment of your needs, our nurse will create a plan of care that is the guide for all caregivers who provide you with service. At each visit, the caregiver will review the plan of care and document the tasks that were completed. The care plan can be updated based on changing needs.

It is required that a client be safe at home alone or have a willing and able family member/friend who can provide care during openings in the schedule or can provide for care needs that are outside of the scope of Blakeford At Home services.

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