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Preparing to Age in Place

Preparing to Age in Place

Many Seniors wish to remain in their homes as they age. Aging in place is a stronger possibility with the right preparations. Read on for how to plan for Aging in Place successfully.

“Aging in place” refers to the choice Older Adults make to remain in their homes and communities rather than transition to Residential Care. For some, due to health, financial or social network reasons, a residential community such as Blakeford is the best option. Others who choose Aging in Place have a greater chance of success when they plan adequately.

Prepare for Aging in Place Financially

From the outside, remaining in your own home appears less expensive than living in a Retirement Community. But keep in mind the costs of regular house maintenance. If you want to eventually sell your house and make money, or leave it as an inheritance, you’ll need to keep it in updated shape, which costs. Keep in mind, that Real Estate taxes increase each year, as well.

Additionally, as your physical needs change with age, you may need to hire outside help for housekeeping, home modifications, cooking, and other caregiving. While Senior Communities cost, these services are built into the fees.

When considering your financial position, be aware that your needs may change. Be ready to re-evaluate your ability to remain Aging in Place every year or so, and adjust accordingly.

If you’re committed to Aging in Place, learn about options for earning extra income. Consider, for instance, taking on a housemate. It provides an income stream as well as regular social interaction. SilverNest is a Homesharing Network for Seniors that may offer you resources.

Social Connections for Aging in Place

Healthy aging in place requires a strong social network. Do you have neighbors or clubs with which you regularly plan events? When you stay in your home are you close to family or long-time friends who can help you in case of an emergency? Are you a member of a church or volunteer organization that provides regular ways for you to experience belonging and contribute to meaningful work?

Senior Living Community, such as Blakeford, provides a regular schedule of activities and opportunities for shared meals daily. When you age in place you want to be sure that you have social rhythms to prevent loneliness, isolation, and depression.

Again, be aware that social situations can change as family and friends may relocate. If you feel like you’re losing social support, it may be time to consider another option.

Prepare Your Home for Aging in Place

To prepare for Aging in Place you must make adjustments in your home to meet your changing needs. Be sure to remove any trip hazards or uneven flooring which could cause falls. Make sure you have accessible cabinets and reliable organization for medicine in the kitchen. Install grab bars and chairs in the shower and tub. Remember, preparing means making these accommodations before you need them when you are physically able to do the work.

Some homes need major changes to accommodate aging. You may need to add on a downstairs master bedroom or install an elevator. Again, making these adjustments before they’re needed is key to being ready to remain in your home.

LiveWell By Blakeford and Aging in Place in Nashville

Blakeford understands that Seniors need choices as they plan. This is why Blakeford offers Senior lifestyle options, including LiveWell By Blakeford, a continuing care at home program that offers a highly personalized approach to future long-term care planning. We also offer at home care services including companion care, personal care, and speciality care.

LiveWell By Blakeford is a membership program for healthy, independent adults that offers you the opportunity to stay right where you are – at home – and know that you are protected against changes in health, the cost of future care, and the burden of coordinating the services you need. Each LiveWell member is assigned a personal care coordinator who knows, cares and is ready to help with everything from home safety, transportation, and housekeeping support to personal care, managing medications, and medical appointments. Several plans are available and can supplement or strengthen an existing long-term care insurance policy if you have one.

Whether you choose to remain in your home or move to a Senior Living Community, preparing now will create more options and peace of mind. Begin your journey by reaching out to Blakeford today.

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