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Am I a Good Fit for the LiveWell Program?

Am I a Good Fit for the LiveWell Program?

If you’re a senior in the greater Nashville TN area who wants a safe, flexibility plan for aging in place, Blakeford’s LiveWell program may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. LiveWell By Blakeford offers healthy, independent seniors a range of wellness and preventative services, and guarantees a full continuum of care services, delivered to you in your home, if your health unexpectedly changes.

To help you determine if LiveWell is right for you, we’ve outlined the eligibility requirements below, as well as some of the many reasons our members have joined.

Who is Eligible for LiveWell By Blakeford?

The LiveWell Program is open to single and widowed individuals, as well as married couples who want a plan to stay together. To be considered for LiveWell, individuals must meet the following criteria.

1. Aged 60-85
2. Live within 30 miles of the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville TN
3. Live independently, not needing assistance and without a diagnosis of a long-term degenerative disease

It is also important to note that having a long-term care insurance policy does not exclude you from LiveWell membership. You can either supplement or replace a long-term care insurance policy if you have one. Learn more about LiveWell and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Is LiveWell Right for You?

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. Here are just a few of the reasons LiveWell may be a good fit for you.

You are interested in planning for your future long-term care needs.

The best time to plan for your future is when you’re still healthy and independent, but it’s difficult to predict what your needs will be in five years, ten years or even just a year from now. With the LiveWell by Blakeford program, you’ll have a plan that changes as your needs do. And, if you’re passionate about staying in your home for a lifetime, the LiveWell program also significantly reduces the need for a permanent relocation to a long-term care facility.

You want the same security and benefits that a retirement community offers, but you don’t want to move from your home.

Retirement communities offer the peace of mind of around-the-clock staff, as well as many other benefits, including fitness programs, social activities, and events. They also require you to move from your home. With LiveWell By Blakeford, we build the community around you, wherever you are. Our members enjoy social and recreational events, 24/7 support, a fitness evaluation, health & wellness plans, and much more.

You want to preserve financial assets that you’ve worked so hard for.

Assisted living comes at a cost – one which largely falls on you and your family. Rather than selling your home or borrowing against a life insurance policy to cover these expenses, LiveWell allows you to prepay for the assistance you might need in the future, providing a substantial cost savings over the long-term, and allowing you to preserve your assets for your heirs.

You don’t want to rely on family and friends when a health change occurs.

While the goal is to stay healthy and independent for the long-term, you will almost certainly require help at some point even if it’s just with household chores, cooking, medication management or personal care. Instead of placing that burden on family and friends, LiveWell ensures you have the care you need, provided by certified, compassionate professionals.

Learn More About Aging in Place in Nashville TN

Planning for your retirement and your future is personal, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. We encourage you to learn more about the advantages of care coordination, and register for a free LiveWell seminar. You can also contact us online or speak to a member of the LiveWell team by calling (615) 665-0694.