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Best Apps for Seniors in 2024

Best Apps for Seniors in 2024

Since the dawn of the App Store in 2008, Apple has touted “There’s an app for that!” Now over a decade later, there’s over 4 million apps between Apple and Google Play’s app stores. There really is an app for everything, or better yet, everyone.

For seniors, apps can make a huge difference in aging in place, remaining independent, or keeping in touch with loved ones. We combed through the best of the best to provide a practical guide to the best apps for seniors.

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Apps for Managing Health

Apps For Groceries & Food Delivery

Apps for Transportation

Apps For Music & Entertainment

Apps For Saving Money

Apps For Safety

Other Helpful Apps

Apps for Staying In Touch

Families are more spread out than ever before. Luckily there are many options to stay up to date with what everyone is up to.

See Your Loved Ones With Video Chat

Join in on gatherings and speak face to face with simple to use video chat apps.

  • ZOOM – Apple & Android
  • FACETIME – Apple Only
  • GOOGLE DUO – Apple & Android

Follow-Along With What Everyone’s Up To

Read updates and view photos shared by friends and family.

  • FACEBOOK– Apple & Android
    This social media platform lets you connect with friends and family, allowing you to see their posts where they share updates and photos. As well as commenting on the posts, you can message connections directly through a secure chat. No phone number needed!
  • INSTAGRAM – Apple & Android
    Another social media platform. This one focuses exclusively on photos and videos. Get access to direct messaging through chat.
  • SKYLIGHT – Apple & Android
    This app works with a WiFi connected photo frame. Family and friends can send photos to a digital photo frame that plays in an endless slideshow. Photos can also be viewed from the app allowing other users to like photos and leave comments.

Apps for Managing Health

Track your diet, manage your medication, and monitor your health all from your phone or tablet.

  • MEDISAFE – Apple & Android
    Add your prescriptions and their schedule to get automatic reminders when it’s time to take your medicine. Get a second look at prescriptions with alerts if competing medications can cause harmful interactions. The app will also let you know when your prescription is running out. For added safety, friends and family can be added to the account, receiving an alert if you have not marked off taking a dose.
  • SHOPWELL – Apple & Android
    Get guidance as to what foods you need to consume to meet all your health needs. The app asks for a brief health questionnaire which will take into consideration various ailments and the necessary food groups to support and alleviate symptoms.
  • MY FITNESS PAL – Apple & Android
    Get access to every nutrition label and easily keep track of nutrients. With a barcode scanner you can make informed shopping decisions and with the recipe importer adding your latest meal has never been easier.
  • SMARTBP – Apple & Android
    Stop losing your blood pressure recordings and start bringing your phone to your doctor with the most accurate measurements. Note: A blood pressure cuff or wristband is needed to measure blood pressure. The app is strictly for recording changes in blood pressure over time.

Apps for Groceries and Food Delivery

  • WALMART – Apple & Android
    Get access to your local Walmart and have groceries and home goods delivered in as little as an hour. Shop online only items with 2 day shipping.
  • INSTACART – Apple & Android
    Browse local grocery, home goods, pharmacy, gardening, and pet stores and get deliveries within a few hours.

Get Your Favorite Meal As Takeout

Shop groceries or get your favorite restaurant meals delivered to your door. A schedule option gives you the power to decide the best time for delivery.

  • UBEREATS – Apple & Android
  • DOORDASH – Apple & Android
  • GRUBHUB – Apple & Android

Apps for Transportation

For many seniors, aging in place without a car can cause a slew of problems. Regain independence and stop missing out by adopting the power of calling a cab at any time, anywhere with these apps. These even have an option to schedule rides days in advance, so you can have reliable transportation whenever you need it.

  • UBER – Apple & Android
  • LYFT – Apple & Android

Apps For Music & Entertainment

With millions of apps to choose from it’s no surprise that the options for entertainment are endless.

Listen to All Your Favorite Tunes

  • SPOTIFY – Apple & Android
    Listen to all your favorite music without having to buy it. All you need is the internet and a login. Spotify offers a free version with ads, or you can pay to have an ad free experience that includes offline listening.
  • OLD TIME RADIO 24 – Apple & Android
    Get free access to music and radio shows from the 1920’s-1970’s. Select by genre or pick out all your favorite channels and start our own custom station.
  • NPR – Apple & Android
    Listen to National Public Radio wherever you go. Get access to hundreds of on demand podcasts, news headlines, and all your favorite live radio shows.

Get On Demand Access to TV & Movies

  • NETFLIX – Apple & Android
    Rewatch all your favorite movies or shows, or find new ones, all without ads. A paid subscription is required and there are a few options to choose from.
  • HULU – Apple & Android
    Pick from a selection of movies and TV shows. There are a few different paid plans including an option to bundle live TV.
  • MAX – Apple & Android
    HBO’s streaming app gives you access to their library of content including Warner Brothers, Discovery, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Animal Planet.
  • PEACOCK – Apple & Android
    NBC’s app includes past network classics as well as new exclusive shows. Watch live sports like Sunday Night Football and get caught up on the Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Play Your Favorite Puzzle Games

  • SUDOKU.COM – Apple & Android
    This free app puts thousands of sudoku puzzles in the palm of your hand.
  • LUMOSITY – Apple & Android
    A free account gives you limited access to puzzles and brain teasers while a paid account provides 40+ activities all designed to keep your brain sharp.
  • CROSSWORD PUZZLES – Apple & Android
    There are a bunch of free and paid options of this classic game.

Read The Latest Books & Magazines

  • KINDLE – Apple & Android
    Not to be confused with the tablet device manufactured by Amazon, the Kindle app provides the ability to purchase and read millions of books and magazines. Download and read without needing the internet. The Kindle app also offers accessibility options to increase text, change the font, page color, and more.
  • AUDIBLE – Apple & Android
    Rather listen to a book? Long gone are the days of books on tape. Now, your phone or tablet gives access to thousands of audio books. Audible offers a few memberships which determines the amount of content you can consume each month.
  • MAGNIFYING GLASS – Apple & Android
    This app does not contain reading materials, but allows you to use your phone as a magnifying glass for all the hard to read moments.

Apps For Saving Money

It’s always great to save money and with these handy apps, the process is simple.

  • SENIOR DISCOUNTS & COUPONS – Apple & Android
    Find all the participating restaurants and stores that offer senior discounts. Get senior exclusive coupons and more, for free!
  • GOODRX – Apple & Android
    Compare drug prices by pharmacy, get coupons, and save money on your prescriptions.
  • GROUPON – Apple & Android
    Use this free app to save on local experiences like movies, comedy shows, paint & sip, restaurants, beauty services and more.

Apps For Safety

  • LIVELY – Apple & Android
    Get access to an emergency response team with one tap. Connect with an agent who has access to GPS tracking and can coordinate with local authorities. Note: A paid subscription is needed for service to be active.
  • LIFE360 – Apple & Android
    Share your location with family and friends. The app can be programmed to send alerts to contacts when movement is detected during a certain time, or in a certain area. A free subscription comes with 24/7 access to an emergency response team.

Other Helpful Apps for Seniors

  • THE WEATHER CHANNEL – Apple & Android
    Get up to date weather whenever, wherever.
  • THUMBTACK – Apple & Android
    Hire local contractors and service professionals to tackle any job. Comparison tool lets you see cost estimates, read reviews, and determine which contractor would be a better fit based on skills.
    Having a phone locator setup can make all the difference in tracking down your device when it comes up missing. With either of these apps, each serving a similar purpose but for Apple or Android, you can login to your account from a computer or phone and see the live location.

Never Forget Your Passwords Again

With all these apps and accounts it can be hard to keep track of all the passwords. Using a password manager app can allow you to remember only one login, which holds all other passwords in an encrypted account. This in turn can lead to less chances of forgetting while still keeping all your accounts secure.

  • LASTPASS – Apple or Android
  • 1PASSWORD – Apple or Android

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