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How Seniors Can Leverage Technology to Help Age in Place

How Seniors Can Leverage Technology to Help Age in Place

As technology continues to be a bigger part of everyone’s life, seniors now have access to resources that make aging in place safer, more convenient, and even provide simple ways for them to stay in touch with family and friends.


At Blakeford Senior Life, our LiveWell members enjoy expertly managed benefits that provide the resources they need to live independently in their homes. To support this independence, many seniors and their families rely on technology. Here are some examples of how technology is an asset for those who are successfully aging in place.


Smartwatches with GPS: 

A smartwatch or other wearable device can help seniors, especially if they live alone. Smartwatches include a wide variety of useful features including heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and medical alert systems. They can also track a senior’s location and will alert 911 if there is a fall.


Medication Reminders: 

Most seniors take some kind of medication so technology-based reminders on when and how to take it can be useful. These devices are available in models that resemble an alarm clock, pill dispenser, or a smartphone app. This technology reminds seniors when and what medication to take and when it’s time to reorder a prescription.


Video Doorbells: 

These are great from a safety and practical standpoint because they allow seniors to see who’s at the front door or if their Amazon order has arrived. They can also be notified and see activity if they’re away from home. These devices also allow for shared users, so family members can log in to check home security.


Voice and Remote Thermostats: 

These tools monitor thermostat functions of the furnace and air conditioning by voice or cellphone. For seniors with vision or issues with dexterity, voice activation can be a lifesaver. Like many remote monitoring devices shared access permits family members to check on and adjust the thermostat as needed.


Virtual Assistants: 

There are a number of virtual assistants on the market, and they all give seniors, and their families control of the home via their voice or smartphone.  Everything from locking doors, and turning lights on and off, to viewing camera feeds or adjusting the thermostat can be controlled and monitored.


Online Grocery Delivery: 

These services are available at most stores and can come in handy if a senior has a mobility impairment, no longer drives, or there’s bad weather that presents a falling hazard. Seniors or family members can go online to place orders and groceries are delivered right to the home. There are also similar services available for pharmacy prescription delivery.


Staying in Touch: 

Video conferencing, social media platforms, and various smartphone features make it easier for seniors to stay connected with friends and family. Studies show that seniors feel less lonely when they interact with people using online video chats. Tech-based communication is also a great way for seniors to access Telehealth services.


Take Advantage of Telehealth: 

When there’s a question about a health issue, seniors can schedule a remote appointment and meet with a healthcare professional over the phone or via videoconferencing. It’s a convenient alternative especially if a senior struggles with mobility or doesn’t have easy access to a healthcare facility. Family members and caregivers can also be included remotely in the appointment, so everyone is on the same page regarding the senior’s health.


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