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7 Benefits of Moving Into A Life Plan Community

7 Benefits of Moving Into A Life Plan Community

In early retirement, it can be easy to push away the thought of what care you will need in the future. You may be very able and active and living at home isn’t a problem. Though this is the case today, there may come a time when this is no longer feasible. But if you were to consider a senior living community, how can you predict what the needs you will have if you were to leave home?

A life plan community or continuing care retirement community has the answer.

What is a Life Plan Community

A life plan community is a senior living community that offers services spanning various levels of care. This usually comes in the form of independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation.

How it works is that seniors enter at the level they are currently at and they have access to different levels of care as they age and their needs change. As more services are needed the senior can then receive increasing levels of care without ever having to move to a new community.

Benefits of Joining a Life Plan Community

When making a decision it’s natural to consider what the benefits may be of a certain decision. Let’s take a look at the most common benefits of joining a life plan community.

Maintenance Free Lifestyle

Maintaining a home or apartment is no easy task. The chores can seem endless at times and more than losing time it takes a lot of energy. As a member of a life plan community, you get access to well-maintained grounds with beautiful greenery, flowers, and ample walk space, without ever donning gardening pants. Housekeeping services keep your room clean, and a free shuttle can bring you to your appointments so you don’t have to worry about car maintenance. On that note, if your stove or any other appliance breaks, the repair is included in your living expenses and will be done in a timely manner.

Enjoy Healthy & Delicious Meals Without Having To Cook

Life plan communities will have a cafeteria or restaurants on the campus with professional chefs. This means getting to eat well without having to spend time cooking or cleaning up dishes.

A Predictable Cost of Living

Though many people’s initial reaction to the idea of moving to a senior living community is, “It’s expensive”, these communities come with a huge financial advantage. The cost of services is known and predictable making it easier to budget for the future. Living at home comes with variable costs and as your needs increase you can quickly fall behind.

Social Events

Senior living communities have designated event coordinators who plan trips, classes, and social outings for a range of interests and activity levels. Being a part of a senior living community offers up more chances for socializing, which is crucial to long-term wellbeing.

24/7 Security

Senior living communities give the added peace of mind of security officers, and 24/7 secured entrances and alarm systems. Whether you are going to sleep in your room or away, you know your home is protected.

Fitness Center & Classes

Staying physically fit is important to aging and with access to fitness centers, and group classes, keeping a constant routine is easier.

Peace of Mind

When asked why they joined a senior living community, many seniors say “It gave me peace of mind.” Whether it’s having things in place so your children won’t have to worry, or it’s for your own security, a life plan community takes away the angst of the unknown. The truth is we all know some level of care will be required, so putting off making a plan eventually catches up and leads to added stress.

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