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What’s the Best Age to Move into a CCRC Community?

What’s the Best Age to Move into a CCRC Community?

“Age is just a number.” These days, this rings truer than ever due to the growing gap between many’s actual age and how old they feel. Spoiler alert – it’s younger! At Blakeford Senior Life, we welcome residents aged 55 and up, but a trend we’re seeing is that some people in their 70s and even 80s don’t believe they’re old enough to make the move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

We believe that age shouldn’t be the sole determining factor of whether a CCRC is right for you. The best age for you to transition to senior living really depends more on the benefits you’ll enjoy at that stage of your life.
Here are some of the factors you can weigh when considering a move to a CCRC:

Simpler Transition:

Moving at any time in our lives can be stressful, but it gets more physically and mentally challenging as we age. Making the transition to a CCRC earlier in your retirement years is generally easier and provides the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy activities, and acclimate to your new surroundings more seamlessly.

Activities and Community:

One of the top benefits of making an earlier move to a CCRC is access to a wide of activities, amenities, and services. Blakeford at Green Hills is a great choice for seniors who see life in retirement as a growth opportunity. Our senior housing campus offers residents an inspiring independent living lifestyle built around walking trails, peaceful fountains, lush landscaping, and a thriving, active neighborhood.

Overall Wellness:

A great aspect of CCRC living is that the goal is to keep residents healthy and living independently for as long as possible. When seniors join us at Blakeford, our continuum of care services provides everything from health and wellness programs to rehabilitation to long- term memory or nursing care. Residents at Blakeford at Green Hills enjoy a seamless transition to higher levels of life care as they need it and it’s all provided at our Nashville, TN campus.

Strong Relationships:

Moving to a CCRC when younger gives seniors the ability to build relationships with others in the community and maintain those relationships as they move through the various levels of care. These new friends provide support and can really help in situations where family or healthcare issues occur.

Move On Your Terms:

Making the transition or starting the CCRC discussion early gives seniors the flexibility to decide on a retirement community without any pressure. They can move into an independent living situation and continue doing things they love with the security of knowing higher levels of care are available if they need them. Waiting until they are much older or experience a medical issue means they didn’t take advantage of the benefits of independent living they would have enjoyed if the move had been made sooner.

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At Blakeford Senior Life, we encourage potential residents to consider the benefits of independent living and how the advantages of a retirement lifestyle on our campus often make sense earlier in life than they would have thought. If you’re wondering if the timing is right for your move to residential senior living, contact us today to learn more about why you should call Blakeford home.