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7 Tips to Make Your Nashville Senior Apartment Feel Like Home

7 Tips to Make Your Nashville Senior Apartment Feel Like Home

Whether you’re new to senior living or have enjoyed this lifestyle for years, there are plenty of ways to decorate and furnish your space to maximize its utility and make it feel more like home.

Bring in Family Photos

Decorating with family photos will give your apartment a ‘lived in’ feel. Combine old photos with newer ones so you get a sense of nostalgia combined with more recent memories. Seeing them every day helps keep your sense of connection with family and friends strong.

At Blakeford, you’re sure to make new friends and new memories as well!

Familiar Furnishings Add Comfort

Bring a taste of your former home with you by moving in some of your favorite furniture. Whether it’s a well-worn recliner or a family heirloom these items can contribute a lot to your comfort level especially if you are new to senior living. Make sure to confirm the square footage of rooms so things don’t get too crowded.

Home Sweet Home

Whenever you move into a new place it takes time to get accustomed to thinking of it as home. To speed up the process, start calling it “home” right from the beginning. While it might seem like a small thing, psychologically your space will begin feeling like home sooner if you’re thinking that way.

Think Green and Decorate with Plants

Houseplants not only spruce things up in an apartment they also help to improve air quality and can even have a positive effect on your mood. There is a wide variety of hardy, low-maintenance plants that will thrive in your new home. It’s also nice if you can bring plants from your previous residence. If some are too cumbersome to move, take some plant clippings and re-pot them to fit your new space. No green thumb? It’s easy to get started and worth the little time and small investment most houseplants require.

Get Creative to Maximize Space

A big part of the transition to senior living is learning to work with, and enjoy less square feet. To make the most of the room, consider furniture that doubles as storage space. Items that serve multiple purposes, such as couches that easily convert to beds or ottomans where you can store blankets will cut down on clutter. Add functional pieces like bookcases that won’t crowd rooms and provide plenty of space for everything from photos to mementos.

Keep Things Light

Adequate lighting opens up apartment living spaces by making them look brighter. As we age proper lighting becomes even more essential so letting natural light in through windows is a good idea. Bring in some of your own style with floor and table lamps, sconces, or pendant lights. For safety, floor and under-cabinet lighting is also a good idea.

Reward Yourself a Housewarming Gift

Moving at any age can be stressful so why not give yourself a little gift to celebrate the transition to senior living. Get something that makes you happy — whether it’s a piece of new furniture, golf clubs, a bottle of great wine, or dinner in a nice restaurant. Beginning the transition to senior living on a positive note sets the tone for how you will enjoy this new phase of your life.

Senior Apartments in Nashville at Blakeford

Blakeford at Green Hills, our Independent Living, and Assisted Living Community, offers a good variety of senior apartment floor plans. From a very manageable one-bedroom apartment at 604 sq. ft to our largest two-bedroom apartment at 1856 sq ft., the choice is yours!

Welcome home to Blakeford. We look forward to getting to know you and to helping you make your apartment feel like home.