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The Senior’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Home Maintenance

The Senior’s Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Home Maintenance

As you age, certain tasks become more difficult and cause more risk. Yet, caring for your home can be energizing and purposeful. Choose projects carefully to protect your safety and continue to emotionally invest in your property. When you decide to focus on low-risk areas and delegate more difficult tasks to family or contractors, your home remains a source of pride and joy, and doesn’t become a burden.

DON’T Tackle Projects that Involve Heights
Potentially dangerous activities involving heights present a higher risk for aging adults. As you age your balance and agility change, but you may not notice differences until it’s too late. Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury death for older adults. Don’t increase your risk by getting on a ladder.

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DON’T Attempt Tasks that Require Experts
As you age, you experience physical, mental, and emotional changes. Weakened eyesight, loss of mobility, and decreased flexibility limit a Senior’s ability with complex home maintenance tasks.

Avoid electrical wiring, HVAC work, or plumbing projects that require experts. While you may have attempted to do it yourself during another season, don’t increase your risk of injury now. You may still be capable of the work but hiring an expert saves time and energy for tasks that aren’t potentially hazardous.

DO Make Low Maintenance Adjustments
Make changes in your home that prevent the need for regular maintenance. And make the changes before you need them. When you join LiveWell By Blakeford, your professional care coordinator can help you make adjustments in your home so it continues to be a safe and accessible place for you to live.

Some of these changes may be installing low-maintenance features and finishes that don’t require much cleaning or care. You may also choose to add slip-resistant flooring, handicap-accessible bedrooms, and bathrooms, walk-in bathtubs, or wheelchair ramps.

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DO Work in your Garden
Gardening is an excellent way to enjoy your home and yard while you age without increasing your risk of injury. Outside activity, and cultivating growth improve your health and immunity while providing purpose and satisfaction.

Some gardening tasks can be more demanding than others. If you experience back or neck pain from bending over and weeding, delegate this task to someone else while you focus on planting and seeding. Garden carts and scooters can also help you work in your garden without putting stress on your back and joints.

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DO Enjoy Low-Intensity Home Improvements
There are many varieties of home improvements. If you are a Senior who enjoys caring for your home, consider a different approach. How can you add beauty to your home through painting or crafts? Can you organize boxed photos into albums or wall frames?

Decluttering can be a cathartic way to open up space in your house and provide for others who need something you have. Join a Buy Nothing group and list items from your garage that you no longer use. You’d be surprised who may find value in stuff you want to throw out.


Enjoying Your Home Safely

Many Seniors value being able to age independently in their own homes. When you join LiveWell By Blakeford, you can remain at home while benefiting from the support of assisted living.

Homes provide comfort and familiarity. But as you age they also present risks. Register for a free seminar to learn about LiveWell by Blakeford. You value your home and your safety. We help you age in place in Nashville, participating in the joys of homeownership without the burdens.