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Moving? We’ve Got the Perfect Checklist

Moving? We’ve Got the Perfect Checklist

Anyone who has ever gone through the moving process understands how overwhelming it can be. With so many things to remember, it can be a stressful time. It doesn’t need to be. Here is a helpful moving checklist to keep you on track and, hopefully, keep you stress-free.\


☐ Post Office – File your change of address at least 30 days prior to the date of move.

☐ Accountant/CPA; Attorney

☐ Banks (auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home equity, IRA’s, mortgage, safe deposit box, savings account, retirement plans, Broker)

☐ Cell phone provider; Internet provider; Newspaper; magazines

☐ Doctors

☐ Civic organizations; charities; professional organizations; church

☐ Department of Motor Vehicles; Internal Revenue Service; Social Security Office; Passport

☐ Health Clubs; House Cleaning service

☐ Insurance providers (auto, health, life, vehicles)

☐ Pharmacy

☐ Family members and friends


☐ Select a moving company. Confirm the date, the price and other moving details. Be sure to get all moving costs in writing.

☐ Arrange hotel accommodations, car rental, airline reservations or temporary housing, if necessary.

☐ Make a list of relatives, friends, and other people who need to know about your move.

☐ Contact your bank to order new checks with your new address.

☐ Call your utility service companies for your cable, gas, electric, water, and internet, to schedule a disconnection date for your old house and transfer to new address, if necessary.


☐ Contact the moving company and reconfirm your dates.

☐ Continue packing. Make sure to label each box and keep an inventory.

☐ Make arrangements with a cleaning service to clean your old home, if necessary.


☐ Try to finish packing.

☐ Fill any prescriptions or medications, if necessary.

☐ Plan meals for the whole week so you can start emptying your refrigerator.


☐ Pack your overnight case.

☐ Check all cabinets, drawers, and closets to make sure you packed everything.

☐ Set aside boxes, tape, scissors, markers, etc. for last minute packing.

☐ Empty, clean, and defrost your refrigerator and freezer.


☐ Do not make any plans for the day other than your move.

☐ Verify the delivery address and directions are correct with your moving company.

☐ Carry all valuable items yourself such as important documents, jewelry, etc.

☐ Before leaving the house, make sure to check the entire house to be certain you don’t forget anything.

☐ If the house will be vacant, contact your insurance agent and the police department so they know the house will be empty.

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