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Looking for Aging at Home Programs at Blakeford & Need Help?

Looking for Aging at Home Programs at Blakeford & Need Help?

When looking for independent living programs and services for seniors, it can be a challenge to determine what is right for each individual. Often we hear that someone isn’t certain whether to continue living at home or to move to gain access to the services needed. At Blakeford, we offer many options for senior living lifestyle solutions so that you don’t have to feel boxed in to only one choice. And in particular, you can start with one decision to put into place a plan for living at home, and then reserve the option to move later.


Providing seniors with the ability to live at home and be a part of the Blakeford family is the guiding principle behind two of our most popular options: the At-Home Care program and the LiveWell By Blakeford program.


Although these programs seem similar at first glance, they are, in fact very different. Continue reading to learn more about each, which one is right for whom and the future connections offered in the Blakeford family of service.


What are the At-Home Care and LiveWell programs at Blakeford?

At-home care in Nashville is for older adults who need a caregiver at home now to assist with either personal care or light housekeeping. Through Blakeford At Home, seniors can purchase expert caregiving services, have the care they need and know that it is provided by Blakeford.


LiveWell By Blakeford is a comprehensive plan for seniors to stay at home with confidence for a lifetime. LiveWell provides wellness and preventative services to help you remain at home for as long as possible—it’s like an independent living community within your own house. And if your healthcare needs or daily abilities change, you are covered for life with Blakeford care services both at home and in our residential community. In addition, you will have access to a Personal Care Coordinator to help you pursue your wellness goals and then to arrange for the necessary resources and services when and if you need hands-on help. And the best part is, 95% of members in this type of unique lifecare program live successfully at home for a lifetime, avoiding a permanent transfer to assisted living or a nursing care center.


Who is right for each program?

Why Blakeford At-Home Care? If you or your loved one can no longer function independently at home, Blakeford At Home can step in to assist with long-term care at home. This is a way for seniors to set up a care plan to do many of the things that are accessed in assisted living or even in a nursing care center. There aren’t medical qualifications to access this program, but you will have to pay the market rate for hourly services based on what you need.


Expert tip: The best way to get started is to do so before a crisis, and to keep a consistent schedule of services moving forward.


Why LiveWell? If you are a healthy, active senior who wants to remain in your own home but wonder what your care options are for the future, you should consider LiveWell. LiveWell is designed to provide the convenience and security of a Life Plan Community within the comfort of your own home. And not only does LiveWell provide a solution for future health needs, but it also provides a solution for lifestyle needs. In addition to long-term care services, you also have access to the social and recreational events at Blakeford. You do have to qualify medically for this program and you begin paying for your membership before you need care (like an insurance policy). The benefit is that the cost of care services you may need in the future are extremely significant. And finally, you don’t have to worry about whatmay change for you in the future. As an enrolled member of LiveWell, you move to the top of the waitlist if you ever want to sell your home and move to Independent Living.


Expert tip: Consider membership in LiveWell when you are healthy and independent. If you already need care, you may not meet the medical requirements and will likely not be eligible to join.


What kind of services can I expect?

The At-Home Care program provides assistance with activities of daily living at home. That includes:

  • Trained staff to help with home chores, mobility, and personal care
  • Medication reminders to ensure medicines are taken on a regular schedule
  • In-home meal preparation to support nutritional needs or picking up favorites
  • Side-by-side assistance throughout your appointment schedule or local errand route
  • Extra caring and support for those with memory problems


If you think that sounds like an abundance of help, The LiveWell program provides all of that and more. With LiveWell you can take advantage of Blakeford wellness and preventative services; then, if your health unexpectedly changes, you are guaranteed a full plan of care services for a lifetime. LiveWell services also include:

  • Proactive focus on keeping you well and independent in your own home
  • Fitness evaluation, health and wellness plan
  • Caring staff available 24/7
  • Participation in social and recreational events at Blakeford


Your LiveWell by Blakeford Personal Care Coordinator Is Available if Your Needs Change:

  • Develops a relationship with you from day one of membership
  • Communicates regularly with you and your family
  • Assists you and your family with making health and wellness decisions
  • Coordination of the resources and assistance you need
  • Provides doctor and hospital advocacy


Care Services

  • All of the same home care services provided by Blakeford At Home
  • Priority access to Blakeford assisted living and nursing care center
  • Most plans cover the cost of living at assisted living and nursing care as well


How can I learn more about the programs available at Blakeford?

Feel free to use our online contact form to request more information or schedule an appointment with one of our senior living specialists. You can also call us with your questions at 615-665-0694.


We also offer a free seminar about LiveWell By Blakeford and how it can supplement or even replace long-term care insurance and provide all the benefits of the Blakeford community.