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LiveWell: Safely Aging in Place

This article was originally published on City Lifestyle Nashville under the name LiveWell By Blakeford by Julie Brown Patton and Melissa Corbin You can view the original article here.

As a unique, personalized and comprehensive aging assistance program in Middle Tennessee, LiveWell By Blakeford offers lifetime memberships for adults 60 years of age and older who want to live independently at home as long as possible. Blakeford Senior Life’s president and chief executive officer Brian Barnes says LiveWell combines the best aspects of long-term care insurance, customized home care and community living for its members in an innovative package of benefits.

“It’s the plan for people who want to be proactive, preventative and stay at home as they age. Unlike conventional LTCI policies, a LiveWell membership gives members and their families peace of mind that when a need arises, there are no waiting periods, caps or medical approval requirements to receive benefits,” adds Brian.

Health industry data indicates that aging-in-place services, such as meal delivery, transportation and care management, can noticeably benefit seniors in staying active, engaged and fulfilled. “With LiveWell By Blakeford, members live better, so they also may live longer,” says Brian.

LiveWell is designed to eliminate stressors that aging can place on spouses, families or individuals. Brian says the LiveWell team handles care coordination for members and takes a pre-emptive approach toward preventing issues through home safety assessments, nutritional counseling, fitness programming and patient advocacy.

“As we age and our health status changes, the LiveWell program adjusts to fit varied needs,” he adds, sharing that many seniors are eager for this type of plan because they don’t want to burden their relatives or neighbors.

Benefits Of Aging In Place In Nashville:

LiveWell combines the best aspects of long-term care insurance, private home care and retirement community living into an innovative package of benefits that are expertly administered and delivered personally. “We work proactively with people to map out how they’re going to be able to stay at home. Then we provide the individual attention that’s needed case-by-case with each member,” Brian assures. “As people live longer, we’re evolving the program and services to meet those needs.”

For Peace of Mind:

Oftentimes, an unexpected incident, such as a stroke or post-surgery recuperation, opens one’s eyes to the need for planning ahead, says Brian. LiveWell relieves members from the concern of depending on family and reduces the anxiety associated with managing both home and health care, he adds. “Relatives of some seniors live in completely other cities, so we fill in to decipher advice from medical professionals and to provide services needed, either temporarily or permanently.”

For Finances:

LiveWell membership assures clients’ non-medical health care costs are simultaneously covered and contained. Membership fees aren’t increased, state LiveWell representatives, due to any changes in one’s health status. In the event that a member requires nursing or assisted living care, a LiveWell membership not only ensures priority access to that level of care but also covers it financially, protecting members against potential care costs that could surpass $100,000 per person per year on average.

For Health and Wellness:

Signing up for LiveWell while still healthy and independent has many advantages, Brian asserts. The program incorporates myriad wellness initiatives and holistic approaches to aging while offering a lifelong guarantee of care. LiveWell members can visit and tap into the amenities and services of Blakeford at Green Hills, a 10-acre Continuing Care Retirement Community campus. During 2023, Brian and his staff are eager to reveal a fully renovated Wellness Center on campus, including a new indoor pool, fitness gym, salon, dining room, art studio and event space.

In 1996, a group of citizens founded Blakeford, a nonprofit provider of quality senior lifestyle solutions and health services to senior adults. Brian began his tenure with Blakeford in 2018. He has more than 17 years of senior leadership experience, while currently leading the financial and operational aspects of this multi-site, not-for-profit senior living company. He has substantial experience in running high-quality, fiscally strong and vibrant communities. He’s also developed new communities from the ground up, as well as started new home and community-based service programs.

Brian says each LiveWell member also is assigned a personal care coordinator who is available to solve issues related to urgent needs and to assist with daily tasks, such as discussing medical jargon, ensuring a home is fit for aging or taking members to a doctor’s appointment. “For members, this is a much-needed resource, and for the family, the relief in knowing there is someone there who can be trusted to care for their loved one is priceless.”

LiveWell team specialists indicate that it’s most beneficial to consider aging-related plans when people are in their 50s, followed by securing plans before entering their 70s.

Brian says the LiveWell team offers complimentary seminars regarding the program’s history, services and costs. “Between 85 and 90 percent of people want to stay in their own homes for their entire lives. Helping seniors do that is my calling, and knowing that we’re assisting generations of families to make such important decisions is gratifying.”