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Introducing The Rehab-to-Home Center

Introducing The Rehab-to-Home Center

What if there was a different approach to short-term rehab in Nashville? What if it were possible to receive your therapy in an environment that felt more like a resort than like a hospital?

Introducing The Rehab-to-Home Center at Blakeford.

“What we’ve done is take all the very best our therapy and nursing team have to offer and combined that with a great hospitality experience,” said Blakeford CEO, Van Cluck.  “We know that there are many people who would benefit greatly from an inpatient rehab environment but resist that because of that environment. Rehab-to-Home changes that.”

Short term rehab is not a new concept. What is new is the approach. Blakeford has designed every aspect of the Rehab-to-Home Center to assure the comfort, safety, and experience of each person who stays in the center.

Take a look for yourself and learn more about The Rehab-to-Home Center at Blakeford here.

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