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How to Thank Senior Living Staff

An attentive and compassionate staff makes all the difference to a senior living community and your loved one’s quality of life. Many times these superstars go unnoticed–don’t let that happen! If you’re looking for a way to praise and say thanks to the staff that cares for your loved one, there are several creative and simple ways you can do so.

Write a Heartfelt Note
An old-fashioned thank you note never goes out of style. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and heartfelt way to thank the staff for their care, a handwritten note addressed to the staff gets your message across and light their caregiving spirit aflame. In addition to the staff, consider writing another letter to the Director of the facility so they can know the positive impact their staff had on your family so they can reward the staff internally as well.

Send a Floral Delivery
We all know how receiving an unexpected floral delivery can immediately brighten your day. If you’re looking for a more tangible thank you gift, consider sending a floral arrangement addressed to the staff and include a short message of thanks in the card so the staff knows the reason you’re sending them. Floral deliveries like these are typically prominently displayed in entryways or by nursing stations, so residents and staff can enjoy the view and sweet-smelling flowers. For residents and staff who spend so much of their time indoors, a little bit of nature’s beauty can really go a long way!

Shout Them Out In the Newspaper
Some local newspapers have a “thank you” column in which you can write an open thank you letter to someone in the community. Providing a few words of kindness to the local community can help spread the word of the amazing care the senior living facility provides and improve their reputation to all who read it.

Plan a Luncheon
If you’re feeling especially generous, you can contact the Director and express your interest in catering a luncheon for the staff. That way, they can coordinate schedules internally so all staff gets a chance to enjoy your gift. When picking a food provider, consider choosing a famed local restaurant or hometown classic for instant recognition.

Get Pizza Delivered
For a more impromptu food-oriented thank you, order a number of pizzas around mealtime with a variety of toppings and styles to be delivered to the community addressed to the staff. Pizza is a great thank you gift because it’s cheap, feeds several, and is universally liked by many. It’s also great hot or cold and reheats well, so if the staff is preoccupied when the pizzas are delivered, they can enjoy a slice at another time. (Just make sure to pay for the delivery tip ahead of time!)

Write an Online Testimonial
All companies depend on online reviews or testimonials nowadays to market themselves, and for senior living communities, this is especially important. When you’re deciding on a place to introduce your parent or elderly loved one to, reading reviews are essential. Just a few heartfelt sentences describing the satisfaction of care your loved one is receiving can do wonders for a senior living facility’s reputation.

Donate in Their Name
Some staff members may not be allowed to personally accept gifts, so if that’s the case, you can do something nice in their name. If the senior living community accepts donations, consider donating a sum of money in the name of a member, or entire staff. The staff will appreciate the gesture and know your gift is helping their cause.