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How To Talk To Your Parents About Assisted Living

How To Talk To Your Parents About Assisted Living

You love and respect your parents, but you can’t help noticing them losing their ability to care for themselves. In that case, moving your parents to an assisted living community may be the answer. But how do you start the process?

Aging is often a difficult topic to broach, and it’s especially tough to discuss with your parents. They may balk at having their child talk to them about aging. It’s a reversal of roles some parents may not like.

Let’s look at how to talk to parents about assisted living. Here are our tips.

Ideas for talking to parents about assisted living

The thought that your parents need more help usually comes from observation. You visit them at home or spend time with them at a gathering and notice changes. Here are some suggestions for talking to your parents about a move to assisted living.

Come at the topic with an attitude of love, caring, and support

This may be a sensitive subject so tread lightly. If you emphasize that your concerns are a result of your love for them, most parents will be open-minded and willing to listen.

Talk about specific concerns and how assisted living can alleviate them

If home upkeep is a concern, mention the things that aren’t getting done (like a dirty, cluttered kitchen or clogged gutters). Then point out how in an assisted living facility, your parents wouldn’t be bothered by these worries.

Enlist the help of others

Ask allies among family and friends to bring up their concerns to your parents.

Know this may take time

This is a major life change, and many people will need time to think about the idea. Think of your first conversation as planting a seed that will need time and attention to grow.

Offer to work through the transition with them

Let your parents know you’ll be with them throughout the process – exploring communities, downsizing their possessions, moving, and settling in.

Pair the conversation with a visit

Often the scariest part of a transition is the unknown. That’s why touring an assisted living community can help get your parent familiar with what the transition might entail and allows them to get comfortable with the surroundings before fully making the leap.


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