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How to Stay Socially Active While Aging in Place in Nashville

How to Stay Socially Active While Aging in Place in Nashville

It’s widely accepted by social wellness experts that socially active seniors simply do better than their peers who live more isolated lifestyles. Being connected to the outside world has been shown to improve cognitive and physical health as well as boost self-esteem.

These connections are also great for building a support system for seniors, particularly those who choose to age in place. Here are 5 ways to stay connected and socially active as you get older.

Stay Connected with Friends, Family

Aging in place in their own home gives seniors the option of hosting friends and families in their own, familiar space. Whether it’s having a few friends or neighbors over for some coffee and a chat or putting together a big family dinner, aging in -place empowers seniors to stay connected. It also gives them the freedom to go to family gatherings, neighborhood events, and other social activities that make them happy.

Keep Learning for Cognitive Health

Learning new things and engaging the brain has been proven to help seniors maintain their cognitive health. Many community centers and local colleges offer free or senior-discounted classes so older adults can learn everything from local history to a new language. Lifelong learning is socially critical because it provides a structured, enjoyable format for seniors to engage with people. Classes and workshops are great learning opportunities, and they also help older people build new social connections and feel a greater sense of engagement.

Stay Fit and Make New Friends

Staying physically active while aging in place is an integral part of senior health directly related to their social, mental, and emotional well-being. Whether it’s walking with friends or joining a fitness class, consistent workouts are great for building social connections because they promote regular engagement and help seniors keep moving. It’s an opportunity for them to try something new or learn a new activity while meeting new people in their peer group. Fitness classes are also a good option because seniors are likely to exercise more consistently when the activity is social and fun for them to participate in.

Join a Senior Center or Community Group

Most communities have a senior center that offers various events and activities. For seniors who are aging in place, these centers are the perfect place to meet new people who share similar interests. What makes them so good for socialization is that there’s always something going on. Seniors can stop in to play cards, exercise, learn a new hobby, go on a day trip, or have a chat over a cup of coffee.

By getting involved in a local community or senior centers, strong relationships can develop because people share similar experiences and offer support that really benefits everyone’s well-being and quality of life.

Volunteering Provides a Sense of Purpose

If there’s one activity that includes all the benefits of staying socially active while aging-in-place it’s volunteering. Communities offer all sorts of different volunteer opportunities, so finding something that’s a good fit for seniors isn’t difficult. There are plenty of reasons why volunteering is such a great idea, including:

  • It keeps the brain active, contributing to good mental health
  • It prevents loneliness and isolation
  • It gives seniors a sense of purpose
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Stay physically active

Volunteering checks all the boxes in terms of providing benefits related to seniors staying socially active. It’s also arguably one of the best ways for people who are aging in place to pursue productive activities that make them feel happier and give them a brighter outlook on life.

Age in Place in Nashville, TN

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