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How Downsizing Can Help With Aging in Place

How Downsizing Can Help With Aging in Place

As we get older, it can become more difficult to maintain our living spaces. For seniors living in larger homes, downsizing ahead of time can help them continue to thrive as they age. Here are 5 key reasons why you should consider downsizing to age-in-place:

Home Maintenance and Upkeep

The chores around the house that were once routine, can become more difficult and even dangerous for people to do as they get older. Downsizing to a smaller home, apartment, condo, or senior living community provides the type of low-maintenance lifestyle many seniors seek. Downsizing provides more time for hobbies, recreation, and just relaxing and enjoying the golden years with fewer responsibilities.

Save On The Budget

Downsizing not only means a lower mortgage payment, but a smaller living footprint also translates into savings on utility costs, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, repairs, and taxes. A reduction in overall living expenses also puts less of a strain on retirement funds. Putting the money you’ve saved back into your budget can go towards funding everything from travel to hobbies to spoiling the grandkids.

Better Accessibility

Most homes built in the past few decades weren’t designed with accessibility or aging-in-place in mind. Multiple floors, narrow stairways, and poor bathroom layouts are found in most of the traditional homes where seniors raised their families. By downsizing, seniors can enjoy a more accessible home with everything on a single floor and rooms that are easier to navigate. It also makes sense from a budget perspective to downsize instead of undertaking what are often costly, time-consuming, and stressful renovation projects. For seniors with mobility impairments, a more accessible home means safely aging in place is a more viable option.

Convenient Locations

Choosing to downsize gives seniors the flexibility to move into a smaller home in a convenient location that will help them age in place for a long time. The criteria they used when looking for a house to raise their families are much different than what their home search priorities are in retirement. Instead of looking for a good school district, seniors can opt for being close to high-quality healthcare, shopping, and even the golf course.

Stay Active Socially

With less maintenance obligations, there’s more time for social activities! Research shows that building strong relationships and having an active social life can have the same benefits as regular exercise and a good diet. Sometimes older adults become isolated due to the location of their homes. By downsizing to the right type of living situation, seniors’ access to socialization and other support services can help them thrive while enjoying their new, smaller homes.

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