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How a Personal Care Coordinator Can Help With Long-Term Care Planning

How a Personal Care Coordinator Can Help With Long-Term Care Planning

It’s estimated that sixty percent of people will need some type of long-term care at some point during their lifetime. As the elderly population continues to grow, personal care coordinators will play a bigger, more important role in long-term planning for seniors.

At LiveWell, we provide members with a Personal Care Coordinator (PCC) who can assist with everything from organizing home safety strategies, transportation assistance, and housekeeping support to managing medications and medical appointments. While PCCs excel at helping seniors manage day-to-day tasks, they are also indispensable when it comes to long-term planning. Here are just a few reasons why:

Engaging seniors in their healthcare:

A key aspect of effective long-term care planning is ensuring seniors with chronic conditions are invested in their own self-care. PCCs can provide different methods to offer education and motivation as well as identify barriers that may inhibit engagement such as depression or other mental health disorders. If there are any stumbling blocks, PCCs can also coordinate appropriate services as needed.

Coordinating transitions in care: 

When a senior is transitioning back from the hospital to their home or community, PCCs can address long-term care issues while the senior focuses on recovering and dealing with the effects of an illness or disability. PCCs are experts when it comes to creating individualized care plans that cover specific timelines and include key elements such as the senior’s understanding of discharge instructions, recognizing symptoms that need immediate attention, and managing follow-up appointments with their physician. 


Finding the right fit for senior living: 

PCCs can gauge when it’s the right time for a senior to consider transitioning to another tier of care. Whether it’s a full-time home caregiver or a move to a senior care community, the PCCs at LiveWell have the knowledge and experience to make recommendations for the appropriate level of care and help seniors and their families find the best fit. We know the options are numerous and having a PCC as a resource for these decisions is reassuring for seniors and their families. 


Connecting with the senior’s family: 

Putting off long-term planning or underestimating their need for care and assistance is an extremely common occurrence for many. PCCs stay in close communication with family members who can often motivate seniors and help them make long-term care decisions. Communication with the PCC is also crucial when family members live far away and may not be aware of a loved one’s need for long-term care services. LiveWell’s team can reach out and encourage patient-designated family members to get involved in the care process.


PCC long-term planning results in better outcomes: 

Having a PCC to help with everything from coordinating assistance with activities of daily living to transitions to higher levels of care allows seniors to live more comfortably and stress-free. They can enjoy their retirement years without worrying about scheduling medical appointments or managing prescriptions. The personalized PCC approach at LiveWell focuses on their physical, social, and emotional health and puts a long-term plan in place to make sure seniors have all the resources they need to thrive.


Aging in Place in Nashville, TN

At LiveWell, our personal care coordinators are strong advocates for the well-being of our senior members. No matter your needs, LiveWell offers carefully curated programs that give you flexibility and meet you where you’re currently at. We know the value of long-term planning because as seniors age their circumstances can change and LiveWell will work with you to make sure you’re ready for what the future holds. To speak with a LiveWell specialist, contact us today.