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Celebrating the First Year of LiveWell By Blakeford

We are pleased to report on a successful inaugural year for LiveWell By Blakeford. We have welcomed new members, added to our team and resources, and continued to connect people with services that they value and need.

All of our LiveWell members are committed to staying in the homes that they love and all exemplify a life of health and independence. LiveWell has supported this through fitness assessments and plans as well as home safety evaluations. Many members have started on new fitness regimens and are taking advantage of the Blakeford Wellness center, group exercise programs and our outstanding team of exercise physiologists. Others are in the process of making safety modifications to their homes after a complementary home safety evaluation conducted by our Director of Rehab, Tiara Stingley.

LiveWell serves our members not only with health and wellness programs, but is there when care is needed. One of our members, unfortunately, has already encountered the unexpected circumstance of needing help from LiveWell. After LiveWell arranged for high quality rehabilitation, care coordination, and help with home chores and transportation, he is back on his feet and well again. He not only reports satisfaction with those LiveWell services, but also that they were “outstanding.”

I am thrilled to see that individuals are seeing the value of LiveWell. Our team looks forward to continuing to provide the unique services of LiveWell By Blakeford to the community.

To learn more about how LiveWell By Blakeford started, visit this previous post. To speak to a LiveWell team member, contact

Jane Kelley is the Executive Director of LiveWell By Blakeford. In her seven years with Blakeford, she has served as Vice President of Blakeford at Home and served as the CARF-CCAC accreditation team leader for Home and Community Services and Case Management programs.