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5 Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Agency in Nashville, TN

5 Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Agency in Nashville, TN

As many Nashville seniors think about retirement and their golden years, there’s a strong desire to age in place. It’s not hard to see plenty of benefits of aging in place such as maintaining freedom, slowing memory loss, and providing ultimate comfort. What’s less apparent is the needs that might arise in the future including home care, housekeeping, issues with mobility, and more.

Hiring a Caregiver in Nashville

As tasks build up and you find yourself struggling to maintain your home, it’s natural to look for a home caregiver near Nashville who can help out. Having an individual come into your home and help with food preparation, and cleaning along with grocery shopping and running errands is a great start. However, in most cases, a single caregiver will not be able to provide all the necessary health care needs that could arise as time progresses. By having an individual caregiver instead of a home care agency, you risk losing service should the caregiver get sick, a personal issue arises, he/she becomes injured, or is no longer able to provide care. There’s also the burden of having to vet the caregiver on your own, negotiating pay, and overall management of services.

Why You Should Hire a Home Care Agency in Nashville

We have discussed some gaps with individual caregivers and hinted at how home care agencies could help. Now let’s look at the 5 key benefits of hiring a trusted agency:


Led by seasoned senior care professionals, home care agencies offer unmatched expertise. This includes a team of trained caregivers often supervised by nurses, administrative staff knowledgeable on working with insurance, and support staff connected to local organizations and services. Together they ensure you are receiving proper care and have access to resources that could benefit you.

Vetting of Caregivers

Employees hired by home care agencies in Nashville often are subject to rigorous pre-employment screenings. This includes meeting all state and federal qualifications, demonstrating competencies in core skills, and engaging in regular hands-on training. The vetting process ensures you are receiving the best caregivers possible, and as a result, the best care to meet your needs.


Previously we spoke about one of the pitfalls of a single caregiver being the lack of redundancy. If they are unable to visit, there’s nobody else to take over care. With a home care agency you will never be left without care as a team of caregivers are ready to step in whenever needed.

Grow With You

Service needs change over time. With a home care agency your customized plan can shift as needs arise. With the resources and staff to cover various home and health care needs, you won’t be left without coverage or needing to hire someone else.

Robust Support Network

Highlighted throughout the other benefits is the notion that home care agencies are well-connected, expertly staffed, and offer many areas of coverage. It’s true, and with a support network that’s able to adjust as needs arise, you can rest easy knowing you will be taken care of throughout your aging process.

Blakeford At Home: Trusted In-Home Care in Nashville for 10+ Years

As an accredited senior care provider, Blakeford’s At Home Care has helped seniors in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin age in place without sacrificing independence. We offer companion care, personal care, or speciality care programs all of which are customizable to meet each individual’s needs.

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