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10 Reasons to Consider LiveWell By Blakeford

10 Reasons to Consider LiveWell By Blakeford

Most adults say they want to remain at home as they age. Some will will change their minds and transition to a Senior Living Residence with satisfaction. But for those who want to age-in-place, Blakeford offers LiveWell By Blakeford. LiveWell is a program for healthy, independent adults who want to live at home while they age but still, have a plan for their future care, should they need it.


LiveWell combines the best aspects of long-term care insurance, home care, and retirement community living, into an innovative package of benefits that are expertly administered and delivered personally to your door. LiveWell offers members access to a wide range of services, a degree of control and flexibility, and a level of personal attention no conventional insurance can cover.


Wondering if LiveWell is for you? Read on. If the majority of these statements fit, you’ve found 10 Reasons to Consider LiveWell By Blakeford:


1. You want to keep your independence
Do you value being in a home filled with memories and familiar items, or visiting friends and participating in town events? If your retirement goals involve living independently in your house, neighborhood and community, LiveWell can provide the support you need to make this happen.


2. You don’t want your family or friends to have to manage your care.
Care coordination requires phone calls, paperwork and administration that you don’t want others burdened with. LiveWell provides all the support, advocacy, and coordination you’ll need.


3. You want a trusted professional to turn to in case of a change in your health.
Do you dread calling 800 numbers or sitting through and repeating your name, and birth date to strangers? LiveWell offers support, advocacy and coordination through a relationship with a Personal Care Coordinator. With LiveWell, your trusted care coordinator gets to know you and your specific goals for aging so she can better advocate for what you may need.


4. You want access to the care you need, as soon as you need it, in facilities you have chosen.
When you need care, do you want to use providers and facilities you have handpicked? You get to make plans while you’re healthy when you join LiveWell, so when you do need care, you don’t have to make choices about facilities, or use providers you didn’t choose.


5. You don’t want to be isolated once you need more advanced care.
Do you fear being isolated when you need medical treatment? Health issues can be stressful and overwhelming. You don’t want to be home-bound or navigate these circumstances alone. Your LiveWell Personal Care Coordinator supports you and walks with you through your care and next-step choices.


6. You want to be connected and part of a Senior community while living at home.
Do you still want to belong to the social and wellness world of a Senior Community but still live in the home you love? LiveWell members participate in the benefits and programs of Blakeford, even while remaining in their own houses. It’s the best of a retirement community, from the comfort of your own home.


7. You want an advocate with you for medical appointments.
Do you prefer to have someone with you as you make medical decisions and consult with doctors about your health? Your Personal Care Coordinator can be your advocate, even at yearly check-ups. You don’t need to navigate your medical journey alone, regardless of your state of health.


8. You want a health and wellness plan, and support as you work on goals.
Do you need support and direction when making a fitness plan? LiveWell’s Personal Care Coordinators work with you to design individual wellness goals and help you engage activities to accomplish them. You’ll have accountability and knowledgeable support as you work to be your healthiest you.


9. You want to know that you can afford long-term care if you need it.
Do you feel anxious about what you’ll need for care in the future, or if you’ll have it? By paying for LiveWell now, you know your price and can avoid costly, unexpected care expenses later on.


10. You have long-term care insurance but are concerned that it’s not enough.
LiveWell By Blakeford can supplement or even replace Long Term Care Insurance. LiveWell is a lifetime program with no elimination period, covers you in the short and long term, and offers you a personal approach to changes that may lie ahead. LiveWell helps you make decisions and coordinate your benefits to make your resources work best for you.


Ready to LiveWell?

Do these statements describe you and your feelings about aging? LiveWell By Blakeford could be the perfect option.


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