Ladies outdoors painting watercolors


WellLife Senior Educational Programs

WellLife is Blakeford’s whole-person focused approach to our senior housing community’s lifestyle offerings. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something just right among our diverse offerings. Each activity and class is geared to promote your wellbeing. WellLife consists of Four Elements of Wellness:


Create meaningful relationships and strengthen the community by sharing your interests, knowledge, and skills.


Stimulate your interests and expand your horizons through classes and cultural opportunities.


Encourage and affirm the expression of personal values and beliefs through opportunities that engage spiritual and emotional wellbeing.


Nurture a lifestyle of healthy habits by setting personal wellness goals that can be achieved through exercise programs and educational offerings.

As a part of WellLife, Blakeford University was created to offer educational opportunities of lectures and classes designed with your wellbeing in mind. Residents can participate in a sculpture class, learn about photography, or even take a technology class. From book clubs and genealogy classes to learning how to write memoirs or an excursion to the Frist Art Museum, residents can stay as engaged and connected as they choose. At Blakeford Senior Living, enjoy a life that is well-lived!