Technology and You

With each passing year technology becomes more a part of our everyday lives. It seems like only yesterday that we had never heard of an ATM and pay phones were on every corner.  These new technologies are meant to make our lives easier and more productive. Although we may sometimes take a while to “warm up” to new ideas, once embraced our lives truly are improved with technology.

Perhaps the area in which the most significant progress has occurred is communications. We can now communicate to most anyone in the world quickly and inexpensively. Birthday parties for our grandchildren in other state, video of their first steps and recordings of their piano recitals can be viewed and listened to the same day they happen. The Internet, tablets and computers have become inexpensive and easier to use making those who live so far away seem so close.

Another important area in which technology has enhanced our lives is in daily living. The use of vision aid devices, for those with sight issues brought on by age and disease, allows a person to once again read for pleasure or to stay informed about the latest news. Emergency medical alerts systems are allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer with the reassurance that help is only a button push away. Music and movies can now be delivered to our homes, whenever we like, that meet our specific tastes to keep us entertained.

IMG_0236All of these enhancements to our lives are made possible by the proper understanding and use of technology. Blakeford at Green Hills understands how technology can benefit the senior population. We have invested in campus wide technology solutions to make its use easy and very affordable. Our commitment in this area has allowed us to provide a full time team member to assist our residents with their questions and provide training on how to best use technology in their lives. For more information about this program feel free to contact us at (615) 665-9505.

Shawn Clark is Blakeford’s Corporate Director of Strategic Implementation and Technology Services.