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Celebrating Women’s History

March is National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives. When you work within a continuing care retirement community, you become a witness to women who have led extraordinary lives, accomplished their dreams, shaped the lives of their families, experienced an array of heartbreaks and triumphs, and inspired countless people along the way. We are fortunate to play a small part in their stories… more

It was 25 years ago today!

We certainly don’t plan to let this anniversary year pass without a great deal of commemoration and celebration! Twenty years is typically acknowledged as one “generation”. Serving Nashville area senior adults for a generation with the latest and most innovative programs and services is definitely worthy of celebration. But, we aren’t just looking back. We are looking ahead to what serving the next generation of seniors and their families will entail……read more

The power of one word

When our leadership team heard this word while in the midst of a re-branding meeting, they grabbed onto it. It wasn’t about marketing though. It was what we already knew about Blakeford. People feel they belong here. It’s inviting, comfortable. It’s home. Recently, Van Cluck, CEO of Blakeford, Inc. sat down to film a message for our residents, clients, and members. We’ve included it here for your viewing… more


Caregiving & Relationships: The Value of Training

staff member with resident“Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.” (Tia Walker)

For those who provide care to loved ones, this is certainly a true statement. But caregiving also calls on us to be more than we expected of ourselves. Daily responsibilities and the confidence to perform them may weigh heavy on our relationship with the care recipient… more

Introduction The Rehab-to-Home Center

“What we’ve done is take all the very best our therapy and nursing team have to offer and combined that with a great hospitality experience,” said Blakeford CEO, Van Cluck.  “We know that there are many people who would benefit greatly from an inpatient rehab environment but resist that because of that environment. Rehab-to-Home changes that.”….read more

A Q&A on Assisted Living

Lakecia Harper, our Healthcare Administrator, recently participated in a twitter chat on Assisted Living. Hosted by, the #ElderCareChat focused on what it’s like to visit, volunteer, and advocate in assisted living, among other things.

Many thanks to for allowing Blakeford to be a part of the chat….read more


Fighting Parkinson’s with Boxing Gloves

In 2006, Rock Steady Boxing was founded in Indiana. This unique program featuring intense and high energy workouts have grown across the country. What makes it unique? It’s designed to help Parkinson’s patients fight the daily battles waged by the disease. Nashville’s Rock Steady program is located at STEPS Fitness in Nashville and headed by trainer Colleen Bridges……read more

Learning New Ways to Maintain Quality of life

senior man doing rehabilitationOur Blakeford Series Conversations: Exchanging Ideas Relevant to Today’s Older Adults kicked off March 29th. Our topic was “Understanding Complementary and Integrative Therapies.” Panelists discussed non-traditional ways to prevent and treat disease and other common health challenges. Topics included nutrition, Ayurveda, spirituality, and movement. With these topics, the panelists were able to introduce attendees to new ways of…read more

The Importance of Brain Fitness 

Every day we are reminded in some form or fashion about the importance and benefits of the intentional physical activity. Research shows that the lack of physical activity will cause you to age prematurely. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, physical activity reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, certain cancers and other serious diseases…read more


Caregiving & Relationships: Hiring a Professional Caregiver

senior lady with hand on shoulderAs we’ve seen in these posts, caring for a loved one is life-changing on so many levels. There may, however, come a time when you feel you’re not able to continue in your role. You may have a full-time job, or the care recipient’s health (or yours) is declining  Or, maybe the stress has become too much. You’re not alone…….read more

The Heart of Caregiving 

senior woman with staff member eatingSpending time with family members and various caregivers through some of these losses brings to light the significance of the relationship, particularly that of caregiver. In the past few months, I have observed some exceptional caregiving taking place here at Blakeford by both family members and various team members. This begs the question: What defines a caregiver? more

Is it Time to Hire a Professional Caregiver? 

two women holding hands

More than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population, provide care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during any given year and spend an average of 20 hours per week providing care for their loved one. – National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP; November more


Six Keys to Long-Term Care Planning

senior lady drinking tea and talkingInevitably, there is a group of people we meet who don’t want to or don’t see the need to plan ahead for long-term care. Yes, I know, it may seem “depressing” to spend time on imagining what life would be like when you actually need someone to help you take a bath. But I’ve seen too many situations turn into crises when families don’t give this adequate time and decision in advance. So forgive me if I sound bold here….read more

Are You on the “My Kids will Take Care of Me Plan?”

elderly holding handsA recent article published by Forbes addressed the topic of who will be there to take care of childless Boomers. Yes, it is a concern with that group, but it’s also something that couples with children should think about very carefully. Pew Research states that 47% of 49-59 year old adults are “sandwiched” between caring for their aging parents while at the same time supporting their own children…read more

Tips for Decreasing Fall Risks

senior getting help at home

Approximately half of all falls occur in the home and with the older adult population falls are the leading cause of injury. Each year about one in every three people 65 and older sustain a fall.  There are things that you can do to prevent falls and make your home safer. Improving your balance and strength by exercising is one major factor you can impact. Having your health provider check and review your medications on a regular basis, having your vision assessed, and making changes in your home can all help in decreasing fall more

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