July 9, 2020

As a community, both here at Blakeford and in Nashville, we are continuing efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve and move forward to reopening. As part of these efforts, Blakeford looks daily to the guidelines established for senior communities by the CDC, CMS, and the Tennessee Department of Health.

The department of health has issued a new policy requiring all sitters to have a negative test dated within seven days of the date they arrive at Blakeford to work. Here is what that policy entails:

  • The sitters will need to be tested weekly and they must provide a paper copy of their negative test results to Blakeford.
  • The sitters’ employer, not Blakeford, will arrange the testing.
  • Any sitter without a negative test on file within seven days will not be allowed to enter Blakeford – they will be sent home.
  • All sitters are required to furnish and wear their own PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Sitters cannot share PPE with any other sitter.
  • Blakeford will contact the sitter companies who are currently in Blakeford and inform them of these policies.
  • If you wish, families can also call their sitter companies to communicate these new policies to help ensure compliance.

We understand this may cause inconvenience for you and your loved one. We wish, like you, that it wasn’t necessary to have these policies in place. However, the only way that we can move forward is to be vigilant in protecting the health of those for which you have entrusted us to care. We will get through this.