What type of retirement community is Blakeford?

Blakeford is a Life Plan Community that provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Intermediate Care Nursing. As your needs change, you’ll rest easy knowing that you will receive the best care here at Blakeford.

Who owns Blakeford?

Blakeford is a not-for-profit corporation. It was organized by a group of concerned Green Hills visionaries who saw the need for a senior community in this area. It was originally financed using tax-exempt bonds.

Does Blakeford have a Board of Directors, and if so, how is the Board elected?

Yes, Blakeford does have a self-perpetuating Board of Directors that is comprised of active community and business leaders.

What fees do I pay?

The financial model of a Life Plan Community is that residents “buy-in” to the community by paying a one-time, upfront fee (residency deposit or entrance fee). Most residents use the proceeds from the sale of their existing home to pay this deposit. There is also a monthly service fee that covers the costs to operate residents’ homes within the community.

Will I own my apartment?

Although your investment at Blakeford may feel like a real estate transaction, it’s really an investment in the Blakeford Life Care Model: Your Residency Deposit entitles you to access all levels of care at Blakeford throughout the rest of your life, at subsidized rates. Your deposit is held and invested in order to fund those subsidies. And, since you don’t own any real property at Blakeford, you no longer have to worry about rising property tax rates—it’s all taken care of.

What does Blakeford’s CARF-CCAC accreditation mean to me as a resident?

On February 28, 2014, Blakeford was awarded a full five-year accreditation status through CARF-CCAC (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities-Continuing Care Accreditation Commission). Blakeford is now one of fewer than 200 Life Plan Communities in the country to have achieved this designation and, currently, the only accredited provider in the Middle Tennessee area. The accreditation award is for both Blakeford at Green Hills and Blakeford at Home.  This accreditation makes Blakeford at Home the only provider of non-medical home and community services in the state of Tennessee to carry this distinction.


For our residents, accreditation demonstrates that:

  • Blakeford has made a specific commitment to put the needs of our residents at the center of everything we do;
  • Blakeford values the input of our residents and is accountable to the community;
  • Blakeford is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting cultural and individual preferences, and providing the best possible quality of care; and
  • Blakeford respects the rights and individuality of our residents
What is LiveWell By Blakeford?

LiveWell By Blakeford is a new program introduced into the Nashville market in May 2014 and offered by Blakeford. LiveWell provides the guarantee of future long-term care services to you while living in your own home, for a lifetime.

How did LiveWell By Blakeford begin?

For more than 20 years, Blakeford has served families on its Green Hills campus. We recognized that, although there is continuing growth and interest in our residential community, many older adults want options to age in their own homes. We studied the most successful residential, home and community models in the country and developed a program that would work here in Nashville.

Is LiveWell By Blakeford a new, un-proven concept?

While this is a new program in Nashville, there are 20+ programs throughout the United States, many of which have been operating for more than ten years. LiveWell is one of two like-programs here in Tennessee. The other program is in Chattanooga – Alexian Brothers Live At Home Program. We used the actuarial and program expertise that resides in all of these programs to develop LiveWell by Blakeford.

What does LiveWell By Blakeford do for me?

From the day you join, the focus of the program is proactively keeping you well and independent in your home. Our care coordinator comes to your home for an initial Wellness Visit as part of getting to know you and your family. Later when you have a change in your health status, our care coordinator will develop a personal care plan that might cover items like homemaking, personal care, transportation, medical assistance or management and meal preparation in your home. Later, if your needs increase further and you can no longer stay safely at home, the plan covers facility care.

What are the benefits of LiveWell By Blakeford compared to long-term care insurance?

LiveWell members can continue to carry their long-term care insurance, or they can choose to discontinue it. LiveWell gives you immediate coverage, more and earlier benefits and a local, personal approach to your care. No elimination periods. No gaps. No 1-800 numbers.

Who is eligible for LiveWell By Blakeford?

To be considered, individuals must be: 1) age 55 or older; 2) functionally independent and not currently in need of services; 3) currently without a diagnosis of a degenerative disease; and 4) living within 30 miles of our Nashville, Tennessee Green Hills location.

What does it cost to join LiveWell By Blakeford?

Each member pays a one-time membership fee and a monthly fee. These fees cover what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Your fees will not increase when the program begins providing care to you, whether you need a little care or a lot of care. There is a discount of 5% for couples that enroll together.

What is the difference between Blakeford At Home and LiveWell By Blakeford?

Blakeford At Home is a fee-for-service program that you pay for when you need it. LiveWell by Blakeford is for healthy and independent older adults who have the opportunity to pre-pay for services that they might need in the future and benefiting from substantial cost savings long-term.

What is the process for LIveWell By Blakeford membership?

Attending an educational seminar is the best way to get an overview and familiarize yourself with the program, the costs, who it is right for and how it can help you live at home successfully and safety for your lifetime. Seminars are held several times each month in convenient locations throughout the service area.

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