Cultivating Your Purpose: A Spiritual Approach

Purpose and Spirituality a Blakeford Conversations Event

I love how one simple letter transforms age to sage. A sage is someone who is venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment and experience.

Perhaps that is how we got the saying, “With age comes wisdom.” When I hear those words my mind is filled with images of beautiful stories passed on like golden threads that connect the generations with a shared culture, identity, and faith. An image where people of older age are honored and valued for the wisdom and experience they have gained throughout their lives. This happens in ways big and small as we discover and cultivate a growing sense of purpose.

Stories of people finding a brand new sense of purpose in senior adulthood span across the various faith traditions. From the giving of a blessing, child bearing and raising a family, to leading a nation, purpose is planted and cultivated well after what we might think of as “retirement age.”

Living with purpose does not stop when you reach a certain age. You have indeed experienced a life that holds meaning and value. Sharing it is very much a part of who you are.

We recently hosted a interfaith panel discussion on how spirituality plays a role in cultivating and growing your sense of purpose and affirming your value within your own community. During the course of the event, I believe we gleaned some ways, rather they be big or small, that help us in discovering and cultivating your own growing sense of purpose.

You may watch the Facebook Live video here.


Sherry Perry is Chaplain at Blakeford at Green Hills.

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