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Fighting Parkinson’s with Boxing Gloves

In 2006, Rock Steady Boxing was founded in Indiana. This unique program featuring intense and high energy workouts has grown across the country. What makes it unique? It’s designed to help Parkinson’s patients fight against the daily battles waged by the disease. Nashville’s Rock Steady program is located at STEPS Fitness in Nashville and headed …READ MORE

Learning New Ways to Maintain Quality of Life

Our Blakeford Series Conversations: Exchanging Ideas Relevant to Today’s Older Adults kicked off March 29th. Our topic was “Understanding Complementary and Integrative Therapies.” Panelists discussed non-traditional ways to prevent and treat disease and other common health challenges. Topics included nutrition, Ayurveda, spirituality, and movement. With these topics, the panelists were able to introduce attendees to …READ MORE

Complementary & Integrative Therapies: A Brief Introduction

When a group of us at Blakeford started talking about discussion topics for an upcoming series of events, the first topic we all agreed on was complementary and integrative therapies. Each of us know the value of these therapies. We also know that older adults are benefiting from them. But what are they? First, of …READ MORE

How to Create a Wellness Philosophy for Your Community

Most of us have heard these terms thrown around in the aging services field when it comes to wellness – “whole person”, “holistic lifestyle”, and “person-centered care”. It is easy to use these terms in glossy marketing brochures or on a website, but how much of this are we really accomplishing within our communities? DISCOVERY …READ MORE

Getting the Most Out of the Summer While Staying Safe

Summer is on its way and with the temperatures getting warmer, people enjoy getting outdoors. As a nurse, I am frequently asked how to stay safe while participating in outdoor summer activities. This question is especially important for the aging population because they are more susceptible to heat related illnesses. As we age, the ability …READ MORE

The Importance of Brain Fitness

Every day we are reminded in some form or fashion about the importance and benefits of intentional physical activity. Research shows that the lack of physical activity will cause you to age prematurely. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, physical activity reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, certain cancers and other …READ MORE

Learning to Be Mindful

We are all aware of the necessity for physical training of our bodies to keep them sound and strong as we age, but what about “brain training”? I recently had the pleasure of enrolling a new couple in our LiveWell program who practice centering prayer every day. I’ve also dabbled in some research around the …READ MORE

Live Your Adventure: Insights from a Millennial

I was thrilled when the International Council on Active Aging announced this year’s Active Aging Week  (September 28-October 2) theme to be “Live Your Adventure”! This is one topic that I can get behind. Adventure is something that can turn the most boring lifestyle into one of great excitement. Oftentimes when I think about being adventurous, my mind …READ MORE

Providing Wellbeing through Care Coordination

As a part of Blakeford’s continuing mission to be the premier provider of senior living options, we have dedicated new resources to navigating health systems and making sure all our residents receive all the care and services they need in order to thrive. We believe that care coordination is key to good health and wellbeing. In 2014 …READ MORE

The Road to Fitness: Building and Sticking to a Plan

Wellness Coordinator Brittany Bishop addresses frequently asked questions regarding getting and staying fit as a senior adult. Why is it important for senior adults to stay fit? It is so important for senior adults to stay fit because it helps with a host of health issues that the aging population faces. The right exercises will …READ MORE

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