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The Gift of Spiritual Care in a Senior Community

While Blakeford at Green Hills is not a faith-based community, we value the importance of the spiritual needs of residents, their families, and our team members. In fact, when developing our Six Dimensions of WellLife we knew it was imperative to include a spiritual dimension as part of addressing the whole person. At Blakeford, we …READ MORE

The Importance of Brain Fitness

Every day we are reminded in some form or fashion about the importance and benefits of intentional physical activity. Research shows that the lack of physical activity will cause you to age prematurely. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, physical activity reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, certain cancers and other …READ MORE

The Most Important Part of the Job

This week I found out that we lost one of our residents suddenly in the middle of the night. I cried when I found out. No matter what the circumstances, losing a resident is really like losing a friend. Often in circumstances like this, I am reminded of the most important aspect of my job …READ MORE

Facing the Holidays with Hope

With the holiday season upon us many people look forward to this being a time of joyous celebration, family gatherings, spiritual reflection, and an opportunity to appreciate the gift of life. But for many it is also a time of sadness with the loss of loved ones and changes which occur as a result of …READ MORE

Meeting the Spiritual Needs in a Community

INSPIRE – Affirm the expression of personal values and beliefs by seeking meaning and purpose for the depth and breadth of life. As Blakeford was developing our Six Dimensions of WellLife, we took into serious consideration the needs and requests of residents and team members. What we discovered was a desire for Blakeford to offer …READ MORE

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