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The Gift of Spiritual Care in a Senior Community

While Blakeford at Green Hills is not a faith-based community, we value the importance of the spiritual needs of residents, their families, and our team members. In fact, when developing our Six Dimensions of WellLife we knew it was imperative to include a spiritual dimension as part of addressing the whole person. At Blakeford, we …READ MORE

Technology and You

With each passing year technology becomes more a part of our everyday lives. It seems like only yesterday that we had never heard of an ATM and pay phones were on every corner.  These new technologies are meant to make our lives easier and more productive. Although we may sometimes take a while to “warm up” to …READ MORE

A Lesson in Integrity

Blakeford has always been blessed by team members who have spent a large part of their professional lives giving so much of themselves each day to our community. The love and enthusiasm they have for their work, and their loyalty to Blakeford, is recognized by residents and colleagues alike. Because of that, we are always …READ MORE

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